Getting your Verification Report


In order to fetch the verification report of a user customers require the access token that has been obtained in the previous steps. Use this token to make requests to the verification endpoint.

Endpoints Overview

Request Example:

GET /rest/account-verifications/{account-verification-id}

Example Response:

  "id": "9054f9b1-0d19-4788-a990-b493d5723419",
  "provided": {
    "name": "Max Mustermann",
    "iban": "DE93300308800013441006"
  "matched": {
    "name": "Max Mustermann",
    "affinity": "VERY_HIGH"
  "account": {
    "name": "FlexiCash",
    "type": "Giro account",
    "owners": [],
    "iban": "DE93300308800013441006",
    "currency": "EUR"

The verification report provides an evaluation of the affinity between the initially provided name and the best matching account-holder name.

The affinity is

  • VERY_HIGH if the names literally match (case-insensitive)
  • HIGH if there is a significant overlap with only minor deviations (e.g. "Doe, John"
    instead of "John Doe" or "Hans Muller" instead of "Hans Müller")
  • MEDIUM if there is only some similarity between the names (e.g. "Helge Braun" vs.
    "Stefan Braun")
  • LOW if the names don't match at all.


Under normal circumstances, it is advised to consider the affinities VERY_HIGH and HIGH as a match and disregard MEDIUM and LOW affinities.
The receipt also contains some basic account information like the IBAN, type and account-

Error Handling

The finX API employs HTTP status codes to indicate the outcome of each API request. Familiarity with these codes is essential for understanding the response.

200 OK: This status code indicates a successful request, typically returned when retrieving account or transaction data.

400 Bad Request: If the request is malformed, contains missing or invalid parameters, or violates validation rules, the API responds with a 400 status code.

401 Unauthorized: When the provided authorization is insufficient or invalid, the API responds with a 401 status code, indicating the need for proper user authentication.

404 Not Found: This status code signifies that the specified resource or endpoint is not available or was not found.