Introduction to Financial Ident Verification


The bank of your end-user already performed a thorough identification of the account ownership when opening the bank account. Our Financial Ident Verification allows you to make use of this valuable information the banks have on your users. By connecting and sharing the account information within your application, your end-user can immediately get to your core service offering without time-consuming identification processes like micro-deposits or manual provision of bank statements. Qwist has developed a comprehensive name-matching algorithm that compares the provided name of your end-user with the account holder name fetched from the end-user's account information.

Optionally, you can also combine the Financial Ident Verification with fetching the account transactions of your users.

How it works

You can find a Step-by-Step description in the next section.


API Access & Authentication

The finX API is a restful API that is accessed using HTTP Basic Authentication with a Client ID as username and a Client Secret as password. Therefore each customer receives a Client ID and Client Secret from Qwist to access the finX API, which has a specific set of Scopes attached to it. Scopes define the usage rights of each Client ID on the finX platform.

If you want to get started with your dedicated credentials, please reach out to us!

Widget Integration

Before continuing with the implementation guide, please view our Widget Integration best practices.